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Saturday, January 21, 2006
Dream Big - Where I've been, Where I'm going - Feel free to help :)
Sitting around this morning, thinking of all the things I've done, I started wondering what is next. I've been promoted in almost every job I've had--from head baker to head wait staff to Banquet Coordinator--singlehandedly directing and planning banquets of 300 people. I actually liked that one. It's when they made me Asst Mgr without a Mgr that things got to be too much. I was in charge of a full service restaurant--floor and 6 banquet rooms. That was at the age of 20. Then I opened my own business. It's still flourishing and highly successful. If I'm not home writing, I'm usually hanging out there with the artists. Then, at 26, I was a published author. So I wonder, what's next. And where the heck have I found all the time?

Some other things I've done so far...

Published in Magazine - Cover story, Lady Jaided, Dec 2005

Interviewed in Magazine - Cover story - RT Bookclub, Feb 2006

Coordinated and held 2 Continuing Education Seminar for Tattoo Artists and Body Piercers so they could be relicensed in our state

Interviewed 2x on the News

Photographed 3 weddings and gearing up to do 4th

Published in the Zine, Broken Sparrow

Executive Board Member of the PTO - 2 yrs

Had one photograph published - but it was small time

Graduated top of my class at... Cosmetology School (yeah, I'm still laughing at this one)

Jumped in the car and went on a 3000 mile road trip around the USA

Have degree in Photography

Met a celebrity - LOL, Ron Jeremy at our shop, Nice Guy, Signed our copy of Boondock Saints

Made and sold Herbal lotions

Just signed my 42nd book contract (Bit by the Bug, Virgin Publishing, Print Dec 2006) My first was published 2 years ago April

Won some writing awards

Helped revamp a 1950 Chevy Fastback Sedan, which won an award at a car show

On the Fictionwise 2005 Bestselling ebook list with 4 titles (I'm thrilled, there are some big names up there with me)

Got married, stayed married - hey, this is a big one. I still adore my husband and we've been together nearly 10 years, love him to death. He really is my best friend and my personal 'knight in colorful armor'. (I'll write an ode to him later)

Not all of these may seem big to you, but it's what I've done. It's my life and I'm not even 30. In fact, I'm 28. People tell me I'm accomplished, and there are plenty things that I'm not sharing that I've done, but I just feel like normal, everyday me. A lot of times I just am 'some girl with a computer'

So, with what I've done, I have to wonder what else I want to do with life. If you couldn't tell, I'm a list person. They help keep me focused. There are many things, but here are a few...

Create a brilliant piece of art

Be involved in a big time photo shoot, even if it's only assisting the head photographer, as I know I'm not ready to take over one on my own

Make an amateur movie

Have an art show in a gallery

See my photograph in a major publication

Design coverart for one of my books

Learn Poser and other graphic arts programs, and create something worth looking at with it

Travel to every country in the world

Scuba Dive and take photographs underwater

Write or contribute to a Non Fiction book

Make a difference on a global level

Have picture published in National Geographic

Launch my own Tshirt line - I have the ideas, just need the venue

Publish a calendar and postcards

Own Internet business

Take up some sort of Martial Arts

I'm sure there are many more, but that's all I can think about right now. Unless it's by accident, I know I'm not going to cure anything, become a politician, or win Miss America/Mr Universe. Um, it would have to be a huge accident to make me win Mr. U.

If you have anything you'd really like to do, please feel free to post... Or, LOL, if you have the connections to help me realize one of my dreams, please email me. (not that I expect anyone will, but hey, never hurt to ask)

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  • At 8:48 AM, Blogger Michelle Pillow said…

    I was reminded of some more:

    Work in Foriegn country

    Live in Foriegn country


    be in a Renn Faire :)

    Dress up like a Southern Belle, Victorian Lady, for a day

    Learn to watercolor, acrylic and oil paint

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