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Saturday, January 14, 2006
2006 Year in Preview, Michelle Pillow
Oh, I am so late copying Mandy on this, lol, but with all the email I've been getting, I thought I should finally poke my head out and tell ya all what I'm up to these days, or more precisely, this year.

2006 has already been a busy year for me. I finished moving an am in a new home. Well, new to me, it's an older home, but I love it! We have a greenhouse and a small garden. Do I grow things? Well, not yet, lol. But I'm going to do my darnedest to oversee my husband doing it next summer, lol.

For those of you who missed it, Dragon Lords have rocked the house over at Fictionwise. All four of my guys are on the bestselling ebooks of 2005 list. Not just romance, ALL EBOOKS! I'm so thrilled and honored by this.

I’m on there with Dan Brown (Da Vinci Code), George Lucas, Micheal Crichton, LKH, Douglas Adams (Hitchhikers guide)...

12. The Warrior Prince [Dragon Lords Book 4] by Michelle M. Pillow
16. The Barbarian Prince [Dragon Lords Book 1] by Michelle M. Pillow
17. The Perfect Prince [Dragon Lords Book 2] by Michelle M. Pillow
18. The Dark Prince [Dragon Lords Book 3] by Michelle M. Pillow

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For book releases, I'll start with what is contracted, for sure, coming out this year.

New Concepts Publishing

The Lords of the Var series finishes up with the last prince, Jarek. This is book 5 of the series, and the last far, but don't cry yet. More is still to come! There are more stories to be told and the series will live on. The next installments will actually be two spin-offs-- Space Lords, dealing with Rick, Evan, Dev, Lucien, Viktor, Jackson and Lochlann as they continue their adventures in space. I've been getting tons of Rick fan mail and have to say, that pain in the backside had quite a devoted following. And the second spin off is...

A prince raised in honor and tradition, a woman raised with nothing at all. She wants to steal their most sacred treasure. He’ll do anything to protect it, even if it means marrying a thief.

That's right. Also a spin off of the Lords of the Var/Dragon Lord series, Zhang Dynasty is the first book in NCP's new Harmony Line. A multi-cultural line...well, ncp says it best:

"Harmony™ line is all about romance and the harmonious blending of races and cultures. These are MULTI-RACIAL romances, not simply interracial romances, and race issues should NOT hang over the storyline like a dark thundercloud. Harmony will bring color and intriguing cultures together so that readers of many backgrounds and races will have characters to fall in love with and identify with....regardless of race, creed, color, or religious background, women are women, the world over, all searching for that special someone to love who will give them love and passion in return." - From NCP Website

I loved writing this first book and have only the utmost respect for the Asian cultures it is based off of. I can't think NCP enough for forging the way with this unique imprint line!

Also very exciting for me was that my first National Magazine quote was about this line. Check me out, Page 15, Romantic Times Book club, Feb 2006 Issue! Seduction of the Phoenix cover is on the inside cover, right next to my buddy, Mandy Roth who is releasing Warriors of Darkness in the same line!

LORDS OF THE ABYSS, April 2006, Paranormal Romance, EBOOK
This is NOT part of the futuristic series, but rather another series start. Instead of space, here we explore the world of the abyss. The deep ocean where no humans can yet travel! Oh, and did I mention this one is super sexy ;)

Emerald Knight, May 2006 PRINT
Since birth Lady Ginevra has been betrothed to Lord Wolfram, second son to the Count of Whetshire. There was never any question as to whom she would marry or who she would be. Life has been mapped out for her and she's going to live happily ever after as a Countess. However, there is one complication to her plans. Her rogue of a future husband isn’t taking to their life together with open arms. In fact, he seems to enjoy finding reasons to put the nuptials off.

Dragon Lords 3: The Dark Prince, January 2006, PRINT
Book 3, Futuristic Paranormal Romance series ~ Print ISBN 1-58608-731-2

Dragon Lords 4: The Warrior Prince, March 2006, PRINT
Book 4, Futuristic Paranormal Romance series ~ PRINT ISBN 1-58608-732-0

Ghost Cats 2, May 2006, PRINT
My story in this one is Carnal Instinct. Also has authors Jaycee Clark and Mandy M Roth

Samhain Publishing

I have to admit that I love this book and hope to make it a series. So if you love it, shout it out so the book does well. Samhain is a new publishing company that is already making a great name for themselves. I've enjoyed working there and hope to write a few more stories for them this year.

Ellora's Cave Publishing

Stop Dragon My Heart Around Antho- with Mandy Roth, Feb 22, 2006, EBOOK
These sexy tales are all about super sexy dragon shifters. My story is called Romancing the Recluse.

Here's a blurb:
Viktor Dracodomus's biological clock is ticking. As a dragon shifter, he only has a short time left to find his mate and reproduce or he'll be forever sterile. Considering he's lived for centuries, it shouldn't be too hard. But there’s one catch. This recluse hasn't been on a date for some time--like since Queen Victoria took the throne. Modern women are nothing like those he remembers dealing with.
Samantha Egan’s life is in a slump, despite the fact she’s an heiress. She was just fired from a volunteer job, her boyfriend left her and she’s all alone in the world. But being the lady of propriety she is, she can’t believe it when she is compelled to start making out with a stranger in the middle of Central Park. Now the sexy man won’t keep his hands to himself and it’s all she can do to say no.

Maiden and the Monster - June 2006. PRINT
"5 Angels! Maiden and the Monster is one of the best medieval romances I have ever read."

Scorched Destiny is my story in this one!

Virgin Publishing

Opposites Attract, Jan 2006, PRINT
PRINT ISBN: 0352340118
Alexis Grant has everything she’s ever wanted—fashionable clothes, social standing, a New York penthouse apartment, and a mother who pays for it all. That’s until her mother is arrested for embezzlement and the government seizes everything. Now, jobless, homeless and moneyless she has only one choice—to work her way cross country with a complete stranger. Tattoo Artist Ethan James is everything she’s never wanted in a man, but he might just turn out to be everything she needs.

Bit by the Bug, Dec 2006, PRINT

This new CHEEK full length title was just contracted as of yesterday! I'm very excited to be working with Virgin again and will keep you all posted on what's happening with this one!


2006 Writing Plans. Here is just a few of the books I do have plans for writing for my various publishers, not counting what's listed above. :)

O'Connell Brothers: Call of the Sea
If all goes as planned, this will come out July 2006 from EC as part of their zodiac series, Planetary Passions. I also plan on writing books 2 and 3 of the O'Connell series, tentatively scheduled to come out Sept and Nov of this year.

Red Light Specialists 2 and Pleasure Cruise 2
Mandy and I hear ya! RLS 2 is about at the half way point. We do have plans to work on it, but other works are calling our names first. Never fear. We do plan on continuing with this series.
BTW- RLS is now in PRINT FROM EC! :)

Space Lords, Zhang Dynasty
I am working on these always. These futuristics get the priority list almost every time. I just finished Var 5 and Zhang 1. After taking a small break and finishing up other projects I'll be right back on the series. I also have other spin-off series planned, but I'm not talking about them just yet, lol.

Other titles planned for this year are:
Galaxy Playmates 4, 5, and 6
Naughty Cupid 3: Cupid's Favor
Theatre de Passion (Phantom of the Night) 2
Lords of the Abyss 2 and 3
Tribes of the Vampire 4
Taming Him book 2
Scorched Destiny books
A few projects for Virgin Publishing

Now, this doesn't mean that I'll get to all these this year. It just means I really want to work on them.

I think this is everything. Thank you all so much for your continued support! It means a lot to me. Also, I do plan on trying to keep up my blog more with the latest news!

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As always, feel free to email me at michelle_pillow @ yahoo.com (No Spaces)
Or visit the website: www.michellepillow.com

Happy Reading!
Michelle M. Pillow

Don’t forget the Books!
Now In Print and at stores!
Red Light Specialists – Ellora’s Cave Publishing
PRINT ISBN 1-41995-309-5

Tribes of the Vampire: The Jaded Hunter – New Concepts Publishing
PRINT ISBN 1-58608-716-9

Dragon Lords: The Barbarian Prince – New Concepts Publishing
PRINT ISBN 1-58608-673-1

Dragon Lords 2: The Perfect Prince– New Concepts Publishing
PRINT ISBN 1-58608-690-1

Caught: Mountain's Captive– New Concepts Publishing
PRINT ISBN 1-58608-693-6

Tribes of the Vampire 1: Redeemer of Shadows– New Concepts Publishing
PRINT ISBN 1-58608-704-5

Ultimate Warriors– New Concepts Publishing
PRINT ISBN 1-58608-701-0

Ghost Cats– New Concepts Publishing
PRINT ISBN 1-58608-707-x

Fierce Competition– Virgin Publishing
PRINT ISBN 0-35233-992-6

Opposites Attract– Virgin Publishing
PRINT ISBN 0-35234-011-8

Sex in the Office (Wicked Words Antho)- Virgin Publishing
PRINT ISBN: 0352339446
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