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Sunday, December 31, 2006
Express Yourself Contest!

Express Yourself Contest!

We've been at this a while now and it never ceases to amaze us just how many creative people are out there. We'd like to take a moment to celebrate that creativity and give an outlet for it. Our contest, which will run for a few months and if it goes over well, longer, revolves around just how creative you can be. NO--this is NOT a talent contest for who can do the best. It's for who can put the most heart into it. There is also more than one way to express yourself so we want to be sure to include them all.

Here are just some of the prizes we'll be offering. $20.00 gift certificates to Amazon.com, signed print copies of our books, PDF downloads of our books, bookmarks and more.

How can you be entered? That's easy--EXPRESS YOURSELF!

The way we'd like to see (but you're not limited to this) is for readers to make fan-based book videos of our books. Some of the programs for this are free to download and use. One is Microsoft Movie Maker--it's free and available through Microsoft's website. If you can click and drag--you can do it. It really is that easy. Since we're not expecting Spielberg, anyone is free to play along and try their hand. We really think these videos will, if nothing else, open a new avenue to get the word out about our books. We'd love to share the spreading of the news with you, our readers. We do have a few minor rules for the videos though...

  1. Please, no Debbie Does Dallas Porn (most free hosting sites will yank these anyway).
  2. You MUST label (in title) ALL entries clearly that this is "FAN-BASED video/artwork/etc".
  3. Also, no book spoilers--these won't be entered into the contest. If you're unsure what might be a spoiler, play off the blurb of the book. That is a safe bet.
  4. These can ONLY have OUR books as the focus.
  5. Please no WRITTEN fan-fiction. Sorry, but these won't be included. And as always, book ideas, manuscripts and anything of the like will not be read and will be deleted promptly. Sorry..damn lawyers and their damn policies. Oy.
  6. You may enter as often as you like with new works each time. There is NO limit to how many entries you can do. You'll be entered into the drawing each time for each entry.

Helpful tips: Microsoft Movie Maker is free. It's a drag and drop program and is easy to use. ALL of our covers can be found on our website (Michelle M. Pillow & Mandy M. Roth) along with information about each title. Be creative! Youtube and Myspace are just two of the places who offer FREE video hosting. Once your fan-based video is made, put it up and send Michelle and I the link. We'll check it out and get it linked with the others for display.

You do NOT have to use your real name for this (well, you do have to give it to Michelle and I in the event you win but we'll keep that between us if you're rather have a nick or something for public).

If you cannot figure out how to host the video Michelle and I will open a spot JUST for fan based videos. You can contact us about this further if you have questions. We're happy to help. We want everyone to have fun and access to these.

~~~~By submitting the work(s), you acknowledge that you are giving us permission to post them and use them in a manner we see fit. Must be 18 years and older to play. Must label all uploads/posts "fan-based video/artwork/etc". Michelle M. Pillow and Mandy M. Roth assume NO responsibility for content/copyright of works submitted for contest, and ask that the work be original/submitted in good faith.~~~~

Make a book video? What, are they smoking the good shit again (you might be asking yourselves) *snicker* If this just isn't your thing but you'd still like to enter the contest, we'd love to see other ways you can express your "love" (know that Michelle just slapped me for writing that) for us.

Here are some other ideas. You're not limited to them though.

  1. Fan artwork. It can be uploaded to yahoo album on Mandy or Michelle's yahoo groups (both if you want). Same rules apply as video.
  2. Digital picture of you holding one of our print books or a pic of one of our ebooks pulled up on your computer/reading device. (same rules apply)
  3. Macaroni frame of our names--just kidding unless you REALLY wanted to. But the point is, EXPRESS YOURSELF. Do you want to sculpt a shrine to us out of your mashed potatoes? (Michelle makes the request you do hers out of chocolate and send directly to her...thanks...SNORT) Do you want to build a statue of us out of M&Ms? Do you want to send us handmade artwork from your neck of the woods? Whatever you want to do...DO IT! The easiest way for us to see this stuff is via the web and uploading pics to the yahoo group pics section. MAKE sure to tell us you did and its up. If it's handmade artwork you want to send--you can send it to Mandy M. Roth PO Box 305, Huron, OH 44839 (Michelle's can come to my PO Box as well. I'll be sure she gets them.)
  4. Want to start a tribute fan web page for our books? A fan club? A cult (ouch...? What? I want minions dammit...Michelle let me have minions...you know you want them. *big grin* )
  5. Want to start a rock band named after us? Pfft, only if you let us be lead signers. Wait, I've heard her sing, she should be a backup dancer or something. *grin* Watch your toes people...watch your toes!
  6. If you have not a lick of creative juice in your body but still want to play along, don't worry. We've got other ideas too. Amazon allows readers to post reviews of our books. If you'd liked to be entered in the contest--EXPRESS YOURSELF there. Same rules apply as with the others. Also, you do NOT have to love the book. We want you to be honest. If you loved it, that's fine too. LOL

~~~~By submitting the work(s), you acknowledge that you are giving us permission to post them and use them in a manner we see fit. Must be 18 years and older to play. Must label all uploads/posts "fan-based video/artwork/etc". Michelle M. Pillow and Mandy M. Roth assume NO responsibility for content/copyright of works submitted for contest, and ask that the work be original/submitted in good faith.~~~~

We just want this to be a fun, rocking contest that lets everyone EXPRESS themselves!


Mandy M. Roth



Michelle M. Pillow


~~~~By submitting the work(s), you acknowledge that you are giving us permission to post them and use them in a manner we see fit. Must be 18 years and older to play. Must label all uploads/posts "fan-based video/artwork/etc". Michelle M. Pillow and Mandy M. Roth assume NO responsibility for content/copyright of works submitted for contest, and ask that the work be original/submitted in good faith.~~~~


Helpful Links

Microsoft Movie Maker(free movie maker program by Microsoft that is very easy to use)

How to Use Movie Maker

Youtubeand Myspace(two FREE video hosting sites. All you need to do is sign up for a free account and then you can upload videos to it)

Mandy's yahoo group where you can upload fan artwork/photos.

Michelle's yahoo group where you can upload fan artwork/photos.

Mandy M. Roth (webpage)


Michelle M. Pillow (webpage)

Email Questions


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Saturday, December 30, 2006
kate rothwell: Win a Copy of Taming Him!
Taming Him is now available at Amazon.com! Be one of the first to get a copy!

kate rothwell: Win a Copy of Taming Him!

Kate is holding a contest about the Taming Him cover! Head on over for your chance to win a print copy of the new Pocket Book Anthology, by me, Kimberly Dean and Summer Devon!
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Tell me what you think...
In the process of trying to get my head focused, I've been making book trailers for some of my books. I'm still working on them, but I'd love for you to check them out and tell me what you think!

I've got them posted at a couple different places, here are the links--

On myspace-- http://www.myspace.com/michellepillow (click on the VIDEOS button under my profile pic)

On Youtube-- http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=michellepillow

On my site-- http://www.michellepillow.com/book_trailers.htm
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BIG contest coming soon!!!
Mandy Roth and I are currently cooking up a new contest starting in January. I won't go into the details now, but hopefully it will be TONS of fun! It's different than other contests we've ran, but we're hoping it will be fun for everyone. Plus, we're giving away LOTS and LOTS of prizes to all our wonderful fans!!

So, check back for details!!!
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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Newest Trailer - Realm Immortal

The newest trailer. After the first, I tried my hand at it again. Tell me what you think and feel free to post it on your pages, websites, blogs, wherever you like :) I thank you for the support!! :)

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006
New Winter Contest!!
Come enter for a chance to win my latest giveaway, hosted (and put on) by Romance Junkies!

Here is the link to the contest
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My new Book Video
I can't thank Natalie enough for this surprise gift! It's very kind of her to take the time to make me such a wonderful book trailer for my Dragon Lords series! Please feel free to go hereto get the code and post it on your own myspace, blogs and sites! Thank you again for your support!

(c) Copyright Natalie Winters, 2006, All Rights Reserved
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intimage vonintimage

I had the worst migraine today. I'm usually one who can work through being sick, but this thing laid me low. I'm still feeling the aftermath of it, but at least I can see without strange spots blurring my vision.

Though, I have found something slightly more painful.... reading what I wrote while trying to "work" through the pain. LOL Supposedly editors like it when you keep deadlines and I'm doing my best, but I think maybe I should have taken the hint.

Aside from the brilliant "
intimage vonintimage" phrase that I have yet to decifer, here is another gem, quoted directly from whoever was running the show when I clearly checked out...

"His lips caressed, the perfect music that needed no sound to be heard by both of them"

Um, either that sentence is so poetic it's brilliant or it's a huge clue that I need to start listening to my head and take it easy.
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Tuesday, December 19, 2006
The Savvy Reader - Helping your fave authors
Okay, I'll admit, I just love the word savvy, so that's how this post got it's name. And let me say, this isn't just for my readers, but for all readers who have favorite authors.

I've been thinking for awhile, taking notes, jotting ideas and trying to figure out the best way to answer a question I get often in my inbox. Basically, all versions of that question come down to--- How can I help a fave author whose books I love?

I'm still amazed sometimes that I even make the fave author list. Yeah, I know, I shouldn't say that. I should put a more confident front out there, but the truth is I am amazed, and completely humbled and grateful. I still get excited when I get fan mail. The fact that it gets unmanageable makes me want to manage it. Seeing my book in stores still makes me giddy and I just have to shake my head wondering how it all happened. Well, the truth is, the readers make it happen. It's the support of fans that makes or breaks authors. And getting our books in front of potential readers proves to be a challenge.

I firmly believe in helping others. That's why I hold contests, like the Scavenger Hunt to give publicity to my fellow authors and to get great books and prizes to the readers. To me it's a win-win-win.

But getting back to some of the things readers can do to help their favorite authors. Some of them may or may not be right for you and the time you have to spare. So just keep in mind, I'm listing the grand to the not-so-grand, but the truth is, every little bit helps.

1. Use your talents and do what is easy and comfortable.
If you're a talker, talk about the book. If you're web savvy and dedicated to a series or author, make a fan page to tell others why you love it. These can even be free pages like here or on myspace. If you're artistic, offer to make web banners or book trailers. If you travel a lot or are not a talker, offer to drop of the authors bookmarks in bookstores you go to, in airports, waiting rooms, ect.

2. Start a Fan Club
Get with the author to see if you can help!

3. Post blog reviews
This includes Amazon.com reviews as well as your own blog.

4. Recommend to the Book Club
If you're a member of a book club, recommend the author. And, sometimes if you email the author they'll send goodies to your book club for during the discussion. You might even offer to share discussion questions about the book for the author to hand out to other Book clubs. (I personally know the book discussion questions would help me. I get asked for these and have no idea where to start and BTW, I do send goodie bags to Book clubs. Have the organizer email me)

5. Be a friend
Seek the author online, friend them on Myspace, Amazon, You Tube, ect and friend them. On Amazon.com, add their blog to your plog. If you have a website or myspace or other page, put up links to their sites.

6. Send Fan Mail
I can't tell you how many times I've been frustrated and a piece of 'I love your work' fan mail has cheered me up. Writing can be isolating sometimes. We spend most of our day typing and reading, plotting, researching, note taking... It can get lonely and a nice piece of fan mail can really perk up a day and kick start a muse.

As a note, most authors do try to answer fan mail (at least those I know do). I'd keep in mind, the bigger the name or the busier the person, the longer it might take for a response. I've had authors get back after 3 mths, and others within hours. Sometimes, it's the luck of the draw. You might email and get them in their inbox, or they might be out signing and gone for several weeks.

7.Visit this Link for a big list of GREAT ideas
Rowena and some fellow authors have but together a list covering a lot of what I thought to add, and some stuff I didn't think of.

8. Ask for the Book
Bookstores gauge interest by what readers ask for when they come in or call in. So, when you go to a bookstore, ask if they carry the author's books--it doesn't mean your obligated to buy at that time. If you have bookmarks, leave a couple with the staff.

9. Books face out
At a bookstore? Pull the authors books so they're prominent. Turn the cover face out so it can be seen by other readers coming through. I'm not saying to reorganize the bookstores sections by any means.

10. Buy new, not used
This is a recommendation I hear often, and I know for some people the price is a factor. But, when you see your favorite author or genre starting to fade away, one of the biggest things you can do is buy new. Publishers gauge what readers want by what they're buying new. Been feeling like your favorite kind of books aren't being written anymore? Buying new lets the publishers know there are still readers out there who what them!

These are just a few suggestions I've heard given and this is by no means a comprehensive list. Is there some way you've helped your favorite author? Do you have suggestions? I know I, for one, am listening intently.
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Saturday, December 16, 2006
Like getting a present in the Inbox!
Coming in Mass Market ~ May 07 UK and July 07 US

I'm thrilled to see my first re-release and my first mass market paperback, Fierce Competition's new cover. I love new coverart day, and when it's as pretty as the Virgin books have been, it's even better. I'm just glad I don't have to decide which cover I like best, this one or the first! LOL
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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Blog's New Look
What you think?
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US Booksellers / Conventions / Fairs -Need Promo Donated?
Hi everyone!

I'm currently designing new promo materials for the new year, but have things like pens, bookmarks, business size bookmarks, postcard flyers and such left over from my last batch (but still up-to-date)

For Conventions--Have a convention? Need promo to stuff goodie bags for your goers? I write futuristic and paranormal romances. As well as a new fantasy series. I'd be happy to send you any of the above for your convention.

Booksellers--autographed bookmarks, a few catalogs and even a few bookplates left if anyone interested. All print books you can easily get in your stores through the normal distribution channels.

Anyone else- If you have something going on, a book club, holiday presents to stuff, ect, feel free to email me as well.

CONTACT - Michelle
Email - michelle_pillow (at) yahoo.com
Subject - Promo
Include - Contact Name, Address, the eventl, how many of what item you'd like and anything else I should know.

I'll fill the orders as supplies last.

Michelle M Pillow
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Lust Bites
Lust Bites - Virgin Books Author Blog

I'm a member of a new blog, Lust Bites, put on with my fellow Virgin Books Black Lace and Cheek Authors (I'm a Cheek). I am honored to be grouped with so many talented women.

Yesterday, I got to kick off the discussion topics with my first "official" blog post, "Working Girls". So, if you're in the mood, go over and check it out.

Happy Reading!
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Sunday, December 10, 2006
Zhang Dynasty : Temptation of the Butterfly ~Just Released in Ebook

Temptation of the Butterfly by Michelle M. Pillow
(Futuristic Romance)
When her life is threatened by mysterious events only she can see, Princess Fen has more to worry about than finding a husband. Too bad her parents don..t feel the same way. Desperate to keep her from leaving the planet like her sister, they decide to play matchmaker, inviting wealthy, noble suitors to the palace.

But it..s not a rich suitor that catches her eye, it..s the commoner, Aaron Piers..a man who..s past is clouded with dishonor, a man without family, a man she could never consider marrying. Though her desire for him burns hot, their relationship can never be. Besides, he might just be the one trying to kill her.

BUY NOW or READ MORE: http://www.newconceptspublishing.com/temptationofthebutterfly.htm
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Saturday, December 09, 2006
Web Designers...what do you use?
Posting this may be a long shot, but if any of you have suggestions, you'll be on my cool list.

I'm thinking of completely reworking my website.... again. And am looking for suggestions on what kind of software to buy. Currently, I've used Microsoft FrontPage which has been great for basics, but wondered if there was any easy to use, cool feature stuff out there I should be checking out. According to the boxes, they're all "the best" so I thought I'd ask the people who actually use it.

My website is huge. Will all the book titles, it has to be. Otherwise, I'd just hire someone and be done with it. As is, I don't wish that job on anyone--probably most of all my checkbook. And, on top of the website, I need book trailers, flash banners, ect. So any hints, tricks, tips would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and feedback on the current site is welcome as well.
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Aids Awareness - Light to Unite Campaign
I thought this was cool!

Bristol-Myers Squibb is donating a dollar to AIDS every time someone
goes to their website and moves the match to the candle and lights it.

It only takes a second and is for an excellent cause. Be sure to pass
this message on.

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Friday, December 08, 2006
New Preorder Links are Here! Including my first Mass Markets!

Fierce Competition Mass Market

Opposites Attract Mass Market

Bit by the Bug

Taming Him

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006
My poor little puppy

This is Lord Winston, one of my English Bulldogs. At 1 year old and about 63 lbs, he's the biggest lapdog in the world. Bulldogs are the funniest creatures, not to mention their devilishly handsome good looks and charm ;). (you will never convince me otherwise) . Stubborn to a fault, they're not afraid of anything--other dogs, oncoming traffic, water. Ironically, they love water but are too dense physically that they sink like rocks so you have to be careful around pools and lakes.

My poor baby had to have eyelid surgery today. His eyelids turned in slightly, irritating his eyes when he blinks. I'm here, waiting to pick him up and take him home. This is him before his surgery.
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Sunday, December 03, 2006
Scavenger Hunt WINNER LIST


WINNER LIST! Congrats to all the winners and thank you all for playing!

Winners will be notified by email by the authors. Please give them a few days because of the holiday madness!

Michelle M Pillow
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Saturday, December 02, 2006
Lords of the Var 3: The Bound Prince NOW IN PRINT!
With the holidays, I don't have much time to blog, but I did want to let everyone know that Lords of the Var 3: The Bound Prince was just released in time for the holidays!

Happy Reading! And Happy Holidays!

The Bound Prince by Michelle M. Pillow (Futuristic Romance) Captain Samantha Dorsey and her crew are on a mission to complete a Galactic Scavenger Hunt. They only have one thing left to get--a wild beast. Drunk and feeling like some fun, Sam and her crew fly to Qurilixen to finish their collection by snagging a white tiger. The next morning, Sam realizes they got more than they bargained for--they've kidnapped a warrior Prince.... Sensuality: SPICY http://www.newconceptspublishing.com/theboundprince.htm
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Pheonix Rising 1 Now in Print

Phoenix Rising I by Morgana de Winter, Marie Harte, Michelle M. Pillow, Sherrill Quinn, Alicia Sparks (Erotic Romance) To celebrate NCP's tenth anniversary, we've brought together five of our bestselling authors in Phoenix Rising I to write steamy novellas in all our reader's favorite genres... Sensuality: CARNAL http://www.newconceptspublishing.com/phoenixrising1.htm
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