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Monday, November 20, 2006
My First Book Trailer - Dragon Lords
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDkYpk05t30 - on you tube

http://www.myspace.com/michellepillow - on myspace (should be there soon, still being processed by myspace)

http://www.michellepillow.com/book_trailers.htm - on my website

I made my first book trailer. Be gentle ;) It's my first time doing anything like this. I just sat down and taught myself.


Michelle M Pillow
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Read the Simegen Interview

My latest interview. Thanks Wendy! :)
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Saturday, November 11, 2006
Meet me in Texas! RT Convention
Meet me in Texas! It's official, I'll be at the Romantic Times Convention in Houston Texas 2007 and signing some of my print books at the bookfair. You're also welcome to bring any books you have in your collection for me to sign, or buy the titles available for sale there.

Also look for my goodies displayed on promotion lane and visit with me at Club RT (times and dates to be announced)

If you're not familiar with the convention, they are a lot of fun. Tons of amazing authors and free books, gift baskets and more! The RT ladies are really nice and will answer any questions you have!


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Thursday, November 09, 2006
Saying Goodbye to my Very First Published book - MISTS OF MIDNIGHT
The Mists of Midnight by Michelle M Pillow (ebook only)

Get it now because REALLY soon this book will be out of contract--we're talking any week now it will be coming down off the pages. Though we've discussed possibilities for a rewrite/re-release, nothing is close to being set in stone and THIS VERSION will NEVER EVER be for sale again. So, if you want to say you've been with me since the very beginning, this is your last chance, lol (unless you can say that now anyway, :) )

This is my first published work, a Victorian set ghost story. I can't believe that was soooo many contract ago. I've learned a lot since then, writing wise, kind of a trial by fire into the publishing world, but it will always be the one that started it all for me. My first published book. My first cover. My first contract. My first review. The first time something I'd seriously worked on was put in front of others to see. That's right, I never had a critique partner, or groups, or even friends that I gave these things to for opinions. I just wrote them because I wanted to.

*sigh* My first book.

To tell you the truth, it's almost sad to see it pulled down off the cyber shelves. I suppose every author might feel this way when thier first book comes out of print. Even though I may once again contract it out, it's not the same, because this one will be reworked with all the knowledge and strengths I've gained since beginning my whirlwind of a career. Maybe redoing it will make it worse and I should leave well enough alone, I don't know. It did get great reviews. Then again, I guess nothing can ever remain the same. (((Wow, am I getting...what's the word here? Melladramatic? Insightful? Depressive?... whatever it is, I'll stop, lol.)))

To buy or read an excerpt: http://www.newconceptspublishing.com/themistsofmidnight.htm

LENGTH: Mid Novel

Cover art (c) Eliza Black 2004
ISBN 1-58608-429-1
Disk $5.99
Download $5.49
(s&h not included in price)

Imogen Drake is a willful daughter, one who would marry a man of good humor rather than obey her parents and marry a studious Colonel. But marriage is not all her parents have in mind for her. They want her to have a tutor to train her to be a proper lady wife!

When Dougal Weston comes into her life, Imogen assumes he is the man sent to instruct her from her rebellious ways. However, with his arrival at Rothfield Park comes an abundance of unrested spirits—a beautiful young girl whose body turns into a frightfully burnt corpse, a bold knight on a horse whose heart literally bleeds from his chest. Suddenly, Imogen doesn’t know who is alive and who is dead. Why have they come now? And what are they trying frantically to tell her? Imogen must discover the truth about the eerie night mist that surrounds the manor before it comes to claim everyone she holds dear….

Rating: Contains sexual content and some graphic violence.

"Occasionally a romance comes along that has all of the components needed to make it great, and THE MISTS OF MIDNIGHT is just such a book. The characters are multi-layered with very dynamic personalities. The plot is tightly woven, complete with intricate clues as to who the villain is. The romance is unique and truly romantic, as is the ending. From the very first page, readers will be drawn into this remarkable story with its unique characters and excellent story line. There is nothing about this story that this reviewer cannot recommend. The story and the romance between Imogen and Dougal are simply wonderful. If you are seeking a romance of breath-taking purity with a paranormal flavor, be sure not to miss THE MISTS OF MIDNIGHT." Edith Morrison, Romance Reviews Today

"Five Blue Ribbons! In THE MISTS OF MIDNIGHT by Michelle M. Pillow I found a treasure. The plot is exceptional and the characters were wonderful. I found that I couldn't lay the book down and had to read it in one setting. The story grabbed me and kept me turning the pages to find out what was going to happen. Ms. Pillow is an exceptional writer and I will be delighted to read any other book that this author has to offer. I highly recommend it to anyone that loves an exceptional story; it is definitely a keeper." Mariah, Romance Junkies

"Four and 1/2 Stars! Wow!!! What a story! Ms. Pillow has penned a delightful tale, full of chilling twists and turns…. The descriptive prose used throughout drives the story with startling clarity. One will love the beautiful landscape, feel a chill of foreboding when The Mists of Midnight unfurl, and gasp in surprise when secrets are revealed. This debut novel will leave readers begging for more. With this book, a star is born, and if it is any indication, this writer is certainly one to watch. This reviewer has immediately become a fan, and Ms. Pillow is a must-not-miss author. Fortunately, many more books are already waiting in the wings, set to be released later this year." Love Romances

"Five Stars! When Michelle Pillow was writing THE MISTS OF MIDNIGHT, she brought together all the essential elements that would make this book a winner from every aspect. The intriguing plot is so well developed, I can think of nothing that would have made this story better. Her characters are one of a kind, whose emotional reactions are always credible. Ms. Pillow has written the perfect paranormal story set in the historical period of England in 1812. If you want to read a book with a fantastic story line and characters, a believable romance, and where things are not always as they seem, then THE MISTS OF MIDNIGHT is definitely for you." Amelia Richard, eCataRomance Reviews www.ecataromance.com

"Five Hearts! Ms. Pillow offers a sweet, often poignant, sometimes funny story that on the surface is about love, life and death. The reader has two choices when reading this story: he or she may choose just sit back and enjoy a wonderful paranormal romance, or, as this reviewer did, sit and ponder all the possibilities Ms. Pillow raises.... This reviewer read Mists of Midnight twice: once to read and enjoy and once to truly sit and ponder the “what ifs” raised in this emotionally moving yet fun story." Gina, Love Romances

"Five Angels! Wow, wow and wow. This book touches so many emotions. I laughed, I cried, and I wanted to shout at both the hero and the heroine. What more can you ask in a story? Lets not forget the ending; you really don't see this one coming. I don't think my review of this story does this book justice. Her characters are true to life and her plot is amazing. Ms. Pillow did a great job and this book is a necessary read." Fallen Angel Reviews

"Four and 1/2 Hearts! "THE MISTS OF MIDNIGHT is a wonderful book, full of surprises, mystery and romance. The story is complex, and the way it unfolds is ingenious...Imogen and Dougal are both selfless, loving characters, willing to do anything for each other, and deserve the happy ending they get. This Regency romance with its paranormal twist is an emotional, satisfying read." Renee Burnette, The Romance Studio

"Four Angels! The Mists of Midnight is filled with suspense, romance and a heavy paranormal touch. The author has written a complex story with enough twists to surprise many readers. This was truly a page-turner as the story slowly unfolded. If you enjoy a good ghost story with a large helping of romance on the side, this is the book for you. This reader was surprised and thoroughly delighted with this one." Fallen Angel Reviews

"Four Stars! The Mists of Midnight is a mystery with a romance...you won't be disappointed in this read. Keep your tissue handy, I cried towards the end, not because I was sad, but because of Ms Pillows wonderful realistic ending." Joy, Reviewer for Karenfindoutaboutnewbookreviews

"What a debut novel. This reviewer was blown away by the sheer lushness of the setting, the way the characters intertwined with each other and all the twists and turns in the plotline. ...The Mists of Midnight gives a rollicking good time with the right blend of humor, mystery and love." Love Romances

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
I'm not one for talking politics, Part 2

I'm not one for talking politics, but...

~~~ See October 2006 Archives to read the whole thing~~~
You will have to scroll down

Democrat Fred Head is speaking out against his competitor, Republican Agriculture Commissioner, Susan Combs, for writing a romance novel. The book, A PERFECT MATCH, was published back in 1990 (publisher now defunct). He calls her a pornographer for it.

I'm really not one to talk politics in a public setting, but thought this was a relevant event to who I am and what I do. Romance writing always had a certain amount of persecution to it. You have those people who think romance writers and pornographer are the same. But I refuse to be ashamed of what I do for a living. I love people falling in love. What shame is there in that?... GO HERE TO FINISH READING ORIGINAL BLOG ~ YOU"LL HAVE TO SCROLL DOWN

~~~~END OLD BLOG~~~~

As an update to this story, it seems SUSAN COMBS has won the election. May she serve the people of Texas well.

To me, it's really hard to say which issue won it for her, or if the issue of the Romance novel even affected her votes. It definitely got her publicity outside of Texas, but since I'm not in TX, I don't have my finger on the pulse of the everyday Texan. So, I'd be curious to hear what thoughts were in the heads of voters election day.
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Friday, November 03, 2006
Hashing - Drinking Extreme Sports

"Started in Malaysia by colonial British Officers in the 1930s, hashing involves lots of running, and more importantly, lots of drinking.....

Generally, a five-mile course is mapped out. The course stops every quarter mile at a check where the course splits into three or four potential routes. There is only one correct route that the runners must follow. At some checks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks are provided. This continues to the final destination, usually a bar, where runners relive the their hashing adventures." - Cited from HERE

"It all started in 1938 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, when A.S. Gispert, a British civil servant whose hash club nickname is "G", rounded up a group of men to go for a run through the jungle. Their jaunt was followed by a beer, or two, at a local haunt called the Hash House, where they served corned-beef hash. Today, hashing has more than 1,900 clubs around the globe from China to Mexico, attracting men and women, young and old, rich and poor who share a preference for a little fun with their run." - Cited from HERE
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Online Scavenger Hunt ~ Chance to Win over 60 prizes!
I've put together an online scavenger hunt hosted by Romance Junkies. Click the link below for a chance to win over 60 prizes from just as many wonderful authors!

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