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Friday, February 24, 2006
Multicultural Romances
Coming the first week of March, I have a Futuristic Romance (part of my award winning Dragon Lord and Lords of the Var series) coming out in ebook and in print. It's part of NCP's new Harmony Line, a multicultural line that focuses on the romance rather than race.

My book, Zhang Dynasty: Seduction of the Phoenix showcases a futuristic Asian culture evolved from Asian societies on Earth. I loved being able to research such a rich and vibrant culture. Though most of the language in the book is based on Mandarin or Cantonese, many of the culture aspects were rooted in many different Asian histories/cultures. The idea for the futuristic world came solely from my imagination and how such cultures, if combined and moved to a new paradise of a planet, could possibly evolve.

I love this project, and love NCP's approach to multicultural romances, saying, "Harmony
line is all about romance and the harmonious blending of races and cultures. These are MULTI-RACIAL romances, not simply interracial romances, and race issues should NOT hang over the storyline like a dark thundercloud."

I'm excited about this line, and it's many possibilities. I also love the idea of celebrating our differences, embracing our many different cultures and backgrounds. I'll stop before I step up on a soapbox, lol, but I really do believe this.

So, my main question for you, the reader is, What races/cultures do you wish to see represented more in romance novels (of novels in general)?

Thanks for the imput!
Michelle M Pillow
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Wednesday, February 22, 2006
Just Released (ebook) Stop Dragon My Heart Around

It's out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop Dragon My Heart Around
Mandy M. Roth , Michelle M. Pillow

Read an excerpt


Sexual Content: Rated E-rotic
Genre : Shape-shifter / Paranormal
Book Length: 2 Person Anthology
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Friday, February 17, 2006
The Pirate Prince NOW FOR SALE (ebook)

The Pirate…

Prince Jarek has no official title in space. Known simply as Captain to a misfit crew, he sails the high sky doing what he pleases. That is until one of his men is kidnapped by intergalactic drug dealers. Now he's on a mission to save his wayward friend. But instead of a crew man, he rescues a woman desperately trying to be free of her master. Or so he thought…

The Princess…

Princess Zhang Mei has just been told her future by a seer. It seems fate has given her in marriage to Prince Song Lok--future ruler of the only other dynasty on her home planet of Línti?n. She will do her duty to her family, but first she wants something for herself. And when the pirates come to steal, she knows exactly what she wants that something to be--her.

NOW FOR SALE http://www.newconceptspublishing.com/thepirateprince.htm

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Seduction of the Phoenix and Futuristics
I am very excited about an upcoming project with NCP. It's part of the Harmony Line, a new multicultural line, and a continuation of my fututuristic books. Book #10 to be exact in the ongoing futuristics (Dragon Lords, Lords of the Var, Zhang Dynasty). This is the first book of Zhang Dynasty.

The success of these series has been wonderful and amazing. Thank you to all the readers who have shown me support. This venture was orginally planned as a short story with The Barbarian Prince two short years ago. Barbarian grew and the rest is history. It's also been great working with NCP. I love the creative freedom they allow thier authors. The Harmony line is no exception with thier approach to multiculturals.

On the same note, I just found out that these books were nominated for the 2005 CAPAs today for Best New Fantasy Romance
The Lords of the Var: The Bound Prince by Michelle Pillow
The Lords of the Var: The Warrior Prince by Michelle Pillow
The Lords of the Var: The Rogue Prince by Michelle Pillow

(BTW Ghost Cats 2 a paranormal catshifter anthology was nominated for Best Erotic Anthology as well)

ANDBestselling Ebooks (all genres) of 2005 Fictionwise
12. The Warrior Prince [Dragon Lords Book 4] by Michelle M. Pillow

16. The Barbarian Prince [Dragon Lords Book 1] by Michelle M. Pillow

17. The Perfect Prince [Dragon Lords Book 2] by Michelle M. Pillow
18. The Dark Prince [Dragon Lords Book 3] by Michelle M. Pillow

2005 was such a wonderful year and it keeps getting better!
Thank you all!

Blurb for Zhang Dynasty: Seduction of the Phoenix, Coming both in Print and Ebook March 2006
For more info, please visit my website. www.michellepillow.com

Prince Zhang Jin is a man raised in honor and tradition, so it is a great surprise when he is compelled to claim a stranger as his bride who has neither. Francesca La Rosa is hardly a match fit for a prince. Though beautiful, she is a thief with one thing on her mind—stealing the sacred Jade Phoenix of his people. But the mystery doesn’t end there. With the aid of the spirits of his ancestors he must discover who this woman is, why she would destroy the Zhang Empire and most of all, if she could ever return the love that is growing in his heart.
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Monday, February 13, 2006
NAUGHTY CUPID: CUPID’s REVENGE (book 2) Paranormal Romance

An UNEDITED excerpt from NAUGHTY CUPID: CUPID’s REVENGE (book 2) by MICHELLE M. PILLOW, NCP. http://www.newconceptspublishing.com/michellempillow.htm


Damn the lycans anyway! Cupid’s little black eyes flashed with an inner fire. And damn the council of immortal elders! So what if he took his vengeance out on Ilar by entrancing the whole Lycan Guard at Lycaon to one mortal woman? It’s not like anyone had gotten hurt. Besides, Ilar, Commander of the Guard, deserved it for making fun of him—just as he deserved being forced to lifemate to an ugly human woman.

Cupid shivered in disgust to think of how his plan had backfired. Ilar had fallen in love with the hideous mortal and they were living their fairy tale, happily ever after. It was disgustingly romantic. It was hideously repulsive. It was unbearable to think about.

Bah! Ach!

Now he had to listen to the other trolls tease each time he saw them. They called him a cherub, a matchmaker, a rosy faced babe who spread love and goodness throughout the world. If he had another basket of love darts left outside his cave door, he’d scream so loud the whole realm of magic would collapse in on itself.

Bah! Bah! Double Bah!

Cupid hated the elders. He hated goodness and happiness. He hated Ilar and Rhiannon, his ugly human lifemate. He hated the council. He hated the realm of magic and the realm of mortals. He hated everyone and everything.

And, above all things, he hated love!

His humiliation wouldn’t have been so widely known if the council of immortal elders hadn’t been called forth. He blamed Larus, the elected King of the Lycans, for that one. It was Larus’ court at Lycaon that had been affected by his small enchantment prank. He merely made the mortal woman irresistible to the lycan kind and brought the whole court howling to their knees with lust.

But, could the lycan king let it go? No! He had to draw attention to the fact that Cupid had found love for Lord Ilar and Lady Rhiannon. He had to tell everyone who would listen to him that Cupid was personally responsible for Ilar’s eternal happiness.

Now he’d never live his reputation down. First, he accidentally hit a man instead of a goat with a love dart, causing one couple to fall in love four hundred years ago, and now this. He was going to be branded for his immortal life as a matchmaker. It was beyond torture, beyond fair and right, beyond tolerable.

And, as far as Cupid could see, it was King Larus who needed to pay for that!

Copyright © 2004 Michelle M. Pillow. All Rights Reserved
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Naughty Cupid Book 1 Now on Sale!

An UNEDITED excerpt and prologue from Naughty Cupid: CUPID’S ENCHANTMENT by MICHELLE M. PILLOW (book 1), Now from NCP! http://www.newconceptspublishing.com/cupidsenchantment.htm


Cupid was livid. Nay, he was outraged. He was beyond furious.

Make fun of him, would he? Make the whole court at Lycaon think he was a joke—an incompetent clod that couldn’t make two pigs fall in love! Call him a fairy, would he? Call him a rosy-faced cherub? He accidentally hit a man instead of a goat with a love dart, causing one couple to fall in love four hundred years ago, and he got branded a matchmaker for life.


It was time for the jests to end! Cupid would show them what this squat little cherub could do. He’d have the last laugh. He’d prove to them that not only could he make the whole Lycaon court fall in love—he’d make them fall in love with the same woman!

Oh, and this was his favorite part! He’d not get just any woman. He’d bring one from the mortal realm—the ugliest woman he could find! See how the wolves liked panting after a human—their ancient hunters, the whole reason the realms of mortal and magic were separated in the first place.

His short legs pumped along the dusty abandoned path coming from his cave home. He kicked angrily at little daisies that dared to grow along the side, ruining the look of his taller weeds. He hated flowers! He hated lycans! And he most definitely hated to watch people fall in love!

Cupid paused in his tirade to look at the vile of bright pink philter in his gnarled troll hand. A wide grin spread over his thick, long lips, dipping under his oversized nose. His small black eyes lighted with greedy pleasure. This potion was the old magic. No simple blow dart would do this time. Once he doused the mortal woman with this pheromone, the entire Lycan Guard would be brought howling to their knees.

He’d find a woman for them, all right. Then that overbearing Lord Ilar would never doubt his magic again!



“Please, my lord,” she whispered, staring up at him, pleading with her troubled gaze. “Don’t do that."

Ilar frowned, not liking the affect her soft words had on his brain. The erotic scent of her curse eased its way into him, tantalizing his senses. His already taut body grew even more so to see her vulnerability.

“I haven’t done anything wrong,” she rushed. She didn’t move to touch him and his hands grew almost tender as he kept hold. She didn’t pull away. His magnetic eyes trapped her. “Please, Lord Ilar, I just want to go home now. My father will be worried about me. I don’t know aught about this. I just woke up and I was here in your world. Won’t it be better for everyone if I just left? It’s not like anyone would believe me if I said where I had been.”

“You cannot be permitted to leave,” Ilar returned. He made his tone hard, final. A part of him did not wish to see her go. He was sure the feeling was the spell’s doing. Nevertheless, it felt very real. Softly, he added, “Not until we discover what and who brought you here and why.”

Until they knew the nature of her curse, they could not risk sending her back. If the spell was strong enough, the others might be tempted to follow her to the mortal realm. Such a thing would be disastrous. Such a thing would be their realm’s undoing. He would not see more blood shed. Three hundred years had not been enough to erase the memory of the carnage the last time their two races battled. He doubted humans would ever be ready to accept the lycan into their midst.

“Please, Ilar,” Rhiannon asserted, knowing before the words came out that he would not be swayed on this point. Her hand rose to lightly lie atop his chest. His heart beat firmly under her palm and she shivered as the soft length of his hair stirred near her fingers.

Drawing her hand back, she swallowed nervously. He was too close to her. His masculine smell started to affect her reasoning. She looked almost dreamily at his lips and her eyelids dipped slightly.

“Mayhap ‘twas a mistake that I came to be here, an accident,” she said. “Mayhap it doesn’t mean aught. I don’t have the power to do any harm to you, assuredly you must see that.”

Oh, but she was wrong. Ilar saw the way her eyes melted and dipped with a soft teasing light. It called to him, beckoned him, as did the scent of her body. He heard the howling in his head, not lessened by distance or time. Already she wreaked more havoc on his world than he’d ever seen before.

Communication was down between the lycans. The men were at odds, ready to kill each other off just to be rid of competition for her hand—brothers, best friends, old men, it didn’t matter. If she even tried to wield her power over his kind, she’d be successful. She could call the entire Lycan Guard to her control and they would not question her. She was more dangerous to his kind than she could begin to realize.

Naturally being a creature of strong sensuality, Ilar could not resist the pout on her lips nor the look in her lovely eyes. With a groan, he grabbed her up and instantly opened his mouth wide to force a hot kiss to her mouth.

Rhiannon gasped in surprise at the suddenness of his passion. She had not suspected it. Her body shook as his tongue tried to pry her lips apart. His teeth dug into her tender flesh when she did readily give him entrance, demanding and sure.

A sharp tooth nicked her lip. Ilar groaned in approval as he tasted the blood from the cut. It called his primal nature to the forefront. He sucked her lip between his, sipping the wine of her body. His kissed deepened, consuming, claiming, taking no prisoners his hot tongue conquered and massaged every last inch of her mouth.

Rhiannon was frightened. She tried to strike his arm, but it was as if he didn’t feel her. His mouth was having a dizzying effect on her head, weakening her will to resist him. He sucked ferociously at her tongue until it slipped into his hot mouth. Her fist hit lighter and lighter until it stopped altogether. Her fingers clutched at his draping tunic. She couldn’t breathe. Her heart thundered, calling out to him.

Ilar’s hands were on her back, holding her to his chest. Her hips burned, eager to discover what it was he’d been doing to them. His mouth stole her air until she thought she might pass out. Tentatively, she tried to return his kiss, but his mouth was too much in control to let her take the lead.

Just when she was sure her world would darken from lack of air, his lips let her go. His eyes filled with liquid gold, promising things she did not understand. Unfamiliar sensations swirled in her blood at the look. His nostrils flared. She tasted her blood on her lips, salty and strange.

Ilar growled, pressing her back until she hit against the wall. His hands dug at her gown, lifting it, baring her smooth legs to his touch. Drawn to feel her heat, his fingers slipped between her thighs, rubbing insistent and strong over her mound of hair. She was wet and oh so ready for him. His hands moved to lift the bottom of his draping tunic, his arousal ready to push inside her warm body as his mouth had her lips.

Rhiannon gasped at his forceful ways. Ilar’s head dipped to her neck and, as his lips parted, she saw fangs.

Copyright © 2004 Michelle M. Pillow. All Rights Reserved.

Also, there is still time to enter my Valentine's Day contest (must be 18)- http://www.michellepillow.com/contests.htm

Michelle M Pillow
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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
Hey all,

I'm looking for a few good artitst to help dress up some of the book series I have going on with different publishers. This is basically for my website to illustrate the different worlds/characters.

My books are doing quite well, constantly on bestselling lists at Fictionwise for ebooks. The prints are just now out in major bookstores all over the country, so we'll see. But as traffic is driven to my website, more and more people are browsing around. My books are in bookstores and you will get exposure. However, I am still considered a "midlevel" in the industry so don't expect to be on Oprah with me next week. :) Though, if I ever get on talkshows, I will do my best to work in a shout out ;) lol

If you have any ideas or are interested in contributing artwork to the site. I am in need of several graphics for Tribes of the Vampire, Gothic Romance series. There is also my bestselling futuristic series, Dragon Lords and Lords of the Var, plus Zhang Dynasty the next installment in the series is coming March 06. I also have a paranormal other-realm historical series, Realm Immortal that I need fantasy creatures for.

Please don't just send pictures you find on the net. The work must be copyrighted to you so that I may have the permission to use it.

Naturally credit, links will be given. Shoot, you might even end up with books dedicated to you. :) If any of you are interested in working something out with me please check out my site and email me with your thoughts. And suggestions are always welcomed! Please feel free to pass this on if you know anyone who'd be intrested. :)


email: michelle_pillow@yahoo.com
subject:website art
website: www.michellepillow.com
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Monday, February 06, 2006
Raven is celebrating it's 500 members!

Raven is celebrating it's 500 members!
You're all invited! (well, so long as you're over 18!)

Already we have over 20 authors signed up who will be giving out prizes, including ebook downloads and lots of other cool stuff! Stop on by and read excerpts, join contests, learn more about some of your favorite authors or even get some new favorites!

Mark your calanders!
When: Feb 10th to 14th
What: 500 Member M&M Party!
Where: Raven Happy Hour Board

the M&Ms

Michelle M Pillow

Mandy M Roth
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Saturday, February 04, 2006
What Fiction Author are you? Quiz
Anne Rice
Anne Rice is writing your life. Go you goth girl,


Which Author's Fiction are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Okay, Acutually, I'm me, being as I'm my own writer and all, but I love quizes and thought it a cool picture when I got it. Besides, if you're ever going to be compared to anyone... LOL

*disclaimer: I am not nor am I claiming to be Anne Rice*
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Friday, February 03, 2006
Too Cute for Words!

These little guys are just too cute for words! Okay, adding onto my things I'd like to do list. I want to hold one of these! :)

Read more about bats here
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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
Tim Tams-Little bits of Sinful Coffee Heaven

Recently, stories of the ever elusive, Tim Tam, have been popping up everywhere--travel journals, blogs, group postings. As a devout coffee drinker, I was horror struck to know that I had never had one. Anyway, these little Aussie treats are quite hard to come by in the USA. No Tim Tam Slam where you use the biscuit as a straw and suck up the coffee, no chocolate covered dipping heaven. How could I call myself a true coffee coinsurer without having tried this? My whole way of life was on the brink of destruction. Nothing would ever make sense again! Could things really be any worse?!! And you thought you had problems!!

The torment was unbearable. And, just when I thought I couldn't bear it any longer and was about to sell all the coffee-laden pints of blood in my body for a plane ticket, Tim Tam Salvation came in the form of Jaynie. Yep, that Aussie sweetheart sent me not one, but 2 packages of Tim Tams. All is right with the world again.

So, were these little bits of choclate heaven worth the fuss? Damn Skippy! Sweet, crunchy, with a smathering of chocolate. I think I have found perfection in the form of a chocolate buscuit. And for those of you whole know my love of the brownie, let's just say this is up there with those. So, now that I've shared my love of the Tim Tam with the world, I only have one thing to say....

HA HA I got some and you didn't! I got some and you didn't!!!

Michelle, who is well aware that she can be a dork and completely okay with that.

LOL, Thanks Jaynie, I really appreciate you sending them and appeasing my curiosity!
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