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Thursday, October 26, 2006
Interview, Gia, Psychic/Medium and a Paranormal Investigator
How did you become Psychic/Medium and a Paranormal Investigator? Have you always had the talent, or was it something you developed? Did you inherit your talents and have you passed them on to your children?
I guess you could say, I was born with it. My Great Grandmother, Grandmother were both Psychic/Mediums. My family found out I was inheriting tje gifts at the age of 4. My son is now developing his abilites, and my grandson, who is now 4 is showing signs of being Psychic. I started my Paranormal Investigations over 20 years ago.

Do you consider you abilities a gift?
In the early years I felt it was a curse, but at the age of 22 I realized that it was never going away...So I embraced it. Yes, It's a gift and a blessing now.

It's mentioned you worked with police and the FBI. Can you share anything about the cases you've been involved with?
I've worked mostly Missing Children cases. In one case the body needed to be found for a conviction. It was a 14 yr old "cold case". I was able to help them find her.

Other than on investigations, what have your paranormal experiences been?
I've had so many. I don't know where to start.

Do you believe in the existence of ghosts? Have you seen proof of such phenomenon? Ghosts? Spirits?
Yes:::Laughing::::I see them all the time.

What other paranormal creatures, phenomenon do you believe in? Past life regression?
I've seen demons. I know to some that's hard to grasp, but they exsist.

What thoughts do you have on Hollywood’s portrayal of psychics/sensitives? Is there one you feel is more accurate than the rest? One you wish you could throw your shoe at?
I know that Hollywood has to embelish to get an audience. The one that is closest to the real thing, is " Medium " I like the way they portray her. Just a down to earth woman who is trying to juggle being a good Mother and Wife who has Dreams/Premonitions and Spirits that take her away from alot of important family things. (Reminds me of me quite a bit ). I'd really like to throw my shoe at another show ( that I won't name ) Don't want to get people mad ::::::laughing:::::

I hear you're writing a book about your experiences? Anything you'd like to share?
It's about my struggle with living in a time where being a Psychic and a Meduim was looked at as the " Devils Work". And what I have found and experienced over the years , ie: demon, spirits , ect. The book is called " The Three Visitors : A Mediums Story "
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