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Friday, April 21, 2006
FAQ of the Month- Cover art
Cover art seems to be one of the most queried subjects I get emailed about, aside from the actual storylines themselves. First, I have to thank all the wonderful artists that work on my covers. They truly are talented. Below, I've listed some of the most common questions I get in regards to those hunks we see on my book covers. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! :)

Do you like your covers?
Of course! I love them!

Which is your favorite?
I like different ones for different reasons. Don't ask me to pick between my children. I won't do it, lol.

Do you create the art for your covers?

No, I don't. Depending on the company, I do sometimes have a say, but my word isn't final by any means. Usually, I'm asked to supply a description of what my characters and the world looks like and the artist takes it from there. I can give a vague idea of what I'd like to see. Sometimes I get my wish, sometimes I don't. They've done a marvelous job of depicting my ideas though and I'm very grateful.

Do you use/pick the models?
For cover art, no. As I said above, I don't have final say in the artwork or if and which model is used. The publishers take care of everything through the cover artists. So those sexy princes in the futuristics was just me being blessed by the cover art gods--so to speak.

I do however will use models for my website to illustrate some of my series. If you're interested in donating to a project, email me at :

Copyright will be given where due as well as a link back.

I'm a model and I want to be on your books....
Ah, Thanks!!!! It's an honor to have anyone think enough of my work to want to be a part of any of my projects.

If you think you'd make a great book cover for me, just email me. (see above link) I haven't picked a cover model yet, but I can forward your info onto the publishers and see what they say. Never hurts to ask, right? Most likely, they'd take over from there if they're interested, but I can try to direct you to the right place.

How many models do the publishers use? Stock Photography?
It should be noted that only a few of my pubs actually hire models directly, and then for only special projects (see Ellora's Cave Cavemen-
http://www.ellorascave.com/cavemen.asp) From what I understand, those gigs are hard to get.

I believe most use stock photography and other artist's resources that I'm just not that privy too.

Why do E-books have covers?
This is simple. E-books are just like print, only they are on your computer. We all like to look at the covers when shopping, it's just all part of the packaging. And, since a lot of E-books do eventually go into print, they're going to need a cover all the same. In my opinion, I like having a picture to go along with the book. And, at least at NCP, the covers do tend to match the characters inside. I don't know how many print books will have a red head on the front only to give me a blonde between the pages.

I hope that slaked your curiosity some. ;)
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