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Thursday, March 09, 2006
Epub VS Self Pub (cause I get asked)

Is e-publishing and self-publishing the same? Can you tell me about self-publishing?


You're confusing self-publishing and what many people refer to as e-publishers. I'm not self published, so I can't tell you anything about going through that process. For what I understand, self-pub is hard because you have to put the money up for the book and you get to do ALL the leg work--from distribution, cover art, ect. My pubs take care of a lot of that for me. :)

Is self pub easy?

I wouldn't think so. Again, I've never done it.

To put it bluntly, anyone can pay enough money to have something published, but you're coming out of pocket on it. Whether or not you turn a profit depends solely on you. That is not said to belittle the work self pubbed authors do, it's merely to explain the difference. In self pub you are the author, publisher, distributor, promotions, marketing, publicity, ect. YOU ARE EVERYTHING. You do it all and you pay for it all.

In publishing (whether e or traditional) you don't do it all. The company does a lot of the work.

Unless there is some extremely rare case I haven't heard of yet, pubbed turns a better profit than self-pubbed--unless an author at a publisher has very poor sales for some reason or the self pubbed author is particularly savvy in some special way. There are always exceptions to the rule.


Epublishers like New Concepts Publishing and Ellora's Cave Publishing, are called 'E' because they start books off as Ebooks. But many of their titles go to print and can be found at traditional outlets like Borders and Waldenbooks, Amazon.com, ect. In my experience, there is no difference between writing for a epublisher as opposed to a traditional publisher who puts out print first and ebook later.

I work for both traditional and epubs and they are basically the same as far as what they demand from you. The quality demanded is the same, with variances only in house style. The only difference is the format in which the final product is first presented. And ebooks have faster turn around from conception to being published, as you don't have to wait for the print setup, distribution, ect and can publish more books faster, though the print versions do come along slower (thus the delay between my ebook and print releases of the exact same book in most cases)

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