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Thursday, March 30, 2006
RT TOP PICK Maiden and the Monster, Virgin Books and other Author Updates
I really should have posted about this RT Top Pick (and some of the other great reviews and awards) earlier, but time got away from me. So don't think for a second that I wasn't touched by the honors bestowed upon me by you reviewers and readers.

Update on Cheek Books (Virgin Publishing)

I've been typing like a mad woman to finish up contracts I owe my publishers and I tell ya, it's a great feeling to have gotten so much done! I've finally allowed myself to come up for air. Though, as a writer, busy is good and I can't complain about having work.

I just finished the first draft of Bit by the Bug for Virgin Cheek. It doesn't release until the end of this year and already so many of you have expressed your excitement over it. I'm so happy that you like the previous Cheek books.

Fierce Competition

2005 Cataromance Reviewer Choice Awards

Best Contemporary, Fierce Competition
(Virgin Publishing CHEEK, Chick Lit Erotic)

Opposites Attract

I just got a sneak peek, at the proposed cover for Bit by the Bug, it's a lot different concept than the first two, but I love it. (I'm a cover art enthusiast. Sometimes I think I write books just to get the cover art)

Cheek's genre with it's almost chick lit type feel is a big change from some of my other works. But those of you who follow my career (and I lubs ya for it!!!) know that there isn't a romance genre I won't tackle.

~~~ Okay, so I can't say that I've written a romantic suspense yet, lol. For that I recommend reading Jaycee Clark and her Deadly Series.

Deadly Shadows by Jaycee Clark, Romantic Suspense

Maiden and the Monster
RT BOOKclub Magazine April 2006 Top Pick
My first published straight historical romance (erotic), Maiden and the Monster received a RT BOOKclub Magazine April 2006 Top Pick. I don't see it listed on Amazon yet, but the ebook is available through Ellora's Cave and last I heard it was coming to print June 2006.

"4 1/2 STARS! TOP PICK This is a perfect blend of history, emotion, tension, hot sex and fascinating and sympathetic characters, and the writing is superb. Pillow chooses magical details to set the scene, and they add to both the history and the emotion." Page Traynor, RT Bookclub

This is my first top pick, though I did get 4 1/2 stars for the only other book I had reviewed by them (Futuristic Romance) :
The Barbarian Prince: Dragon Lords : Book One
"4 1/2 STARS! Pillow's story is quite a treat. It is all things sexy and passionate, with humor laced throughout and topped off with an ultimately emotional connection.” Leigh Rowling RT Bookclub

Other Updates
Naughty Cupid 3: Cupid's Favor was just turned into the publisher for contracting. And, yes, this is the last book Naughty Cupid in the series. For me, it feels great to have something done. Though, as some of you know, I could change my mind and write more Cupid books. But, as of this moment, the series ends with book 3. (lol, leave me to me delusions)

Planetary Passions: Call of the Sea (July 2006, EC) This book has it all, mermaids,sea witches, lycans, sexy alphas. It's part of EC's zodiac line, Planetary Passions and is the Cancer book for July. I just finished the last round of edits on it (crossing fingers).

Talons: Seize the Hunter. I fished the first draft of this book. It's part of a thing with Samhain. Thing? Did I just type thing? Okay, series/antho thing. Oy, talk about articulate today.

The current project is Galaxy Playmates 4, a short for NCP. After that, I think I'll be working on more futuristics, since readers can't get enough of them.. And I'm so glad, as I love writing them.

Other Honors I should've announced earlier:

Here are just a few of the awards I've gotten. I won't list everything for the sake of space and for fear you'll be bored by reading list after list from me, but I do want the reviewers and readers to know that I appreciate the support. You can see more on my website

All four Dragon Lord Books (futuristic)

The Barbarian Prince
The Perfect Prince
The Dark Prince
The Warrior Prince

are 2005, Bestsellers (all genres) at Fictionwise!
It was a great honor to be on that list with great authors like Dan Brown (The DeVinci Code), George Lucas, Michael Crichton, LKH, Douglas Adams (Hitchhikers Guide)...

CAPA Awards:

2004 CAPA Best New Contemporary

Mountain's Captive

2004 CAPA Best New Erotic Author Nominee

2005 CAPA Best New Fantasy Romance Nominee

Lords of the Var: The Bound Prince (Futuristic Romance)

2005 CAPA Best New Fantasy Romance Nominee

Lords of the Var: The Warrior Prince (Futuristic Romance)

2005 CAPA Best New Fantasy Romance Nominee

Lords of the Var: The Rouge Prince (Futuristic Romance)

2005 CAPA Best Erotic Anthology Nominee

Ghost Cats II (Paranormal Romance)

Recent Fictionwise Ratings

# 1 Bestselling Author Erotic Fictionwise

# 1 Bestselling Author Fictionwise (All Genres)


October 2005 Fallen Angel Review Author of the Month

March, Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec 2005 The Romance Studio Feature-of-the-month

2005 Preditors and Editors Poll Top 20 Author

2004 Golden Rose Nominee

Publisher Topseller

Well over 2 dozen 5 STAR review credits and over a dozen Recommended Reads

2005 - Smooch Award

As always, if you have questions, comments, blog topics you want me to talk about, just email me through my website, www.michellepillow.com


Michelle M Pillow
RT BOOKclub Magazine TOP PICK
"...a perfect blend of history, emotion, tension, hot sex
and fascinating and sympathetic characters, and the writing
is superb. Pillow chooses magical details to set the scene..."
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