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Thursday, March 02, 2006
Opposites Attract, Virgin Publishing, Now Available in Print!

Opposites Attract, Virgin Publishing, Now Available in Print!

Trade Paperback ISBN: 0352340118

This book is for ADULTS ONLY!

Ethan didn’t get it at all. Eight girls all lined up, ready for action, and then bam. Nothing. It was like he’d suddenly developed leprosy. And, to make matters worse, he wasn’t able to drum up any solid tattoo business. There were a lot of drunken maybes, but no definites. They’d even gone to different bars. Every place it was the same. He’d start being charming. It looked like it worked. He’d leave, letting the anticipation simmer. But then, instead of them coming to him, they actually left without so much as another look.

Ethan shook his head. Hearing Alexis hum softly, he turned to study her. She looked damned fine tonight, but she always looked good. However, tonight it was more than her outfit, it was her whole demeanour. She was smiling more, a bright smile that lit up her whole face. It was like she was happy, relaxed. Maybe it was the alcohol. She had five beers and to a skinny girl that could be a lot. Ethan had no idea why he kept track of how much she drank, but he had.

She’d gotten more than her share of attention that was for sure. She was asked to dance twice. He wondered at the satisfaction he felt each time she refused.

‘I like this town,’ Alexis said, leaning her head to the side.

Ethan chuckled. ‘You look like you like everything right now.’

‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ she demanded, sitting straighter.

‘Ah, do we have to do this tonight? It’s late. I’m tired.’ Ethan shot her a sidelong glance. He had a few beers himself and needed to concentrate on the road. He wasn’t even close to drunk, but he didn’t want to risk driving recklessly with other people in his car. ‘Can’t we call a truce until tomorrow morning?’

‘Fine.’ Alexis yawned. ‘But don’t think this means I like you, because I don’t.’

She just couldn’t leave it alone, could she? Ethan rolled his eyes. ‘Fine. I don’t really like you either.’

‘Good.’ This time her voice was a sleepy mumble. ‘I actually think I loathe you.’

‘I loathe you too.’ His voice was low. Ted and Susan looked to be asleep in the backseat.

‘I hate your tattoos,’ Alexis said, her voice softer with each word.

‘You’re too skinny,’ Ethan whispered. He glanced at her.

Alexis’ head lay against his seat. She was turned to the side, facing him. For a brief moment, her eyes opened to look at him. She blinked several times. ‘Do you really think I’m ugly?’

‘I never said you were ugly.’ Ethan wondered at the sadness in her voice. Where was the confident she-demon who’d tormented him for days? ‘I just think you should stop starving yourself for no reason.’

‘Then do you think I’m pretty?’ she asked, not looking at him again. He forced his attention back to the road

Yes, Ethan thought, I think you’re gorgeous.

He didn’t answer her. His body stirred to life, all too ready to remember her softness from the night before. She didn’t seem to notice as her breath deepened. She was asleep.

© Copyright 2005 Michelle M Pillow, All Rights Reserved

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