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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
I know I've been hiding, but I've got a good excuse...

I've been working. Really REALLY working. First, the book updates.

I just finished Realm Immortal 2: Faery Queen for Samhain (Fantasy Romance). It's contracted, I just turned it in and on the schedule for.... September. Yep, of this year. Gotta love that fast turn around. :) Did book one sneak away from you?

I've also got a super sexy book lined up there for October in the Talons Collection. These covers are some of my favorite. In fact, I'll post them here later, but for now here's mine to the right. (along with the new cover for Realm 2)


S & S Pocket Books has picked up print rights to Taming Him (ebook at Ellora's Cave) as part of their anthology collections they're doing. It's available for preorder HERE.

Ellora's Cave just released Call of the Sea and book 2 Call of the Untamed is set to release Jan 2007 (tentative date). And for you fans who have so patiently harassed (lol) Mandy and I for Pleasure Cruise 2: Date with Destiny, you're in luck. It's contracted and turned over to the editors. So feel free to harass them for it. Just, um, don't tell them I sent you. :)


Virgin Publishing's CHEEK will be releasing my third full length with them, Bit by the Bug, Jan 2007. Looks like Jan is going to be my month, lol. And there is talk of them picking up the sisters books to this series---YEAH!!!! I love this book and am happy that the publisher seems to feel the same way. The sister book is currently my WIP.


And, don't worry, I haven't forgotten you Dragon Lord fans. The series is continuing on... Lords of the Var are coming in print. Book one is out already, The Savage King and the rest should be out by early next year. Then starts Zhang Dynasty. Book one, Seduction of the phoenix is already out, picking up where the Lords of the Var leave off. I just turned in Temptation of the Butterfly for consideration. Not contracted yet, but done. :)

Many have asked about more Dragon Lords and Var books.... Well, hmm, that's top secret information right now, but I do have ideas, lots and lots of ideas....


Not enough of an excuse, you say? Hmm, well....

I've also wrote a small article for RT, just a short little thing, but still VERY EXCITING in my little world. I call it Michelleland and I am Supreme Ruler and I.... Oh, um, I just remembered I decided not to announce my takeover of the world yet....sorry, continuing on....


I had a birthday. I had a booksigning on my birthday. I met Lorie O'Claire, very nice woman, and some wonderful fans! *waving to you all*

OMG--- I took a bio photo. As you may or may not know, I'm a freelance photographer. It's so much easier for me to be behind the camera. Baby steps, Michelle, baby steps. Some of you might recall my idea to make my bio pic an anime figure? Now I have to decide if I like it. I had to. RT needed one to go by the little article thingy. And, I'm running out of excuses. Two years of saying, "I'm going to a photographer will send as soon as I have them" is starting to look a little suspect. I can hear their thoughts now---Really, what kind of photographer is she going to anyway? Two years. What did she have to summons him (or her) from the dead?

But, perhaps, most important-- I got the Princess Bride on DVD. Dread Pirate Roberts Edition.

And if those excuses for disappearing off the map don't work, well, here are some others:
  • Aliens stole my brain and replaced it with a baby monkey
  • I ran out of red toe nail polish
  • I am a secret agent working for very secret people working on very secret thingies
  • The dog ate my computer
  • Revenge: My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die (how many of you read that out loud, lol, and with the accent?)
  • I was kidnapped by vampires, rescued by lycans
  • The ghost keeps using my computer. He won't let me on.
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  • At 7:52 PM, Blogger Marguerite Arotin said…

    You got the deluxe DVD of my fave movie? I got the first version without all the xtras. Thinking about selling that on E-bay and buying the Dread Pirates Roberts edition.
    Oh and I'm glad you caved and got a bio pick done :-).

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