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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Winner List - Michelle PIllow's July Scavenger Hunt
Thanks to all the readers and authors who helped make this a great success!

Michelle M. Pillow

Questions – 1. In her featured interview this month, name five movies Michelle M. Pillow thinks are great.
2. Name one of the book series talked about in Michelle M. Pillow’s feature interview this month on E-E.
3. From her website, www.michellepillow.com, name the Harmony book listed on the front page (hint... look under Latest Releases).
4. From her website, www.michellepillow.com or the E-E interview, name one of Michelle M. Pillow’s books
released with Virgin Publishing.
Link to answers - http://www.erotic-escapades.com/AOMMichellePillow.html
Prizes Donated: 4 PDF downloads including –
Realm Immortal: King of the Unblessed, Samhain Publishing
WINNER- Purrpurrkoshkamb

Maiden and the Monster, Ellora’s Cave Publishing
WINNER - "Trecia Phillips"

Galaxy Playmates: Quartz, New Concepts Publishing

Zhang Dynasty: Seduction of the Phoenix, New Concepts Publishing
WINNER- Pam Gardner

Summer Devon

Question - In Futurelove, Candy first suspects Collins to be from what part of the world?
Link for answer - http://summerdevon.com - Click on Futurelove Excerpt.
Prize donated: One e-copy of a Summer Devon book of the winner's choice
WINNER- Kimberly S

Mandy M. Roth

Question – Name one of Mandy M. Roth’s current bestsellers
Link for answer – http://www.mandyroth.com
Prize donated: Download of King’s Choice
WINNER- Lois Condra

Sydney Somers

Question - What books are listed on the Coming Soon page?
Link for answer - http://www.sydneysomers.com/coming.html
Prize donated: Winner's choice of a download from my backlist.
WINNER- Shuck Ying Chin

Ann Jacobs

Question - How many erotic romance ebooks has Ann had published?
Link for answer - http://www.annjacobs.us/ebooks.shtml
Prize donated: Winner's choice of a download of any of my available books.
WINNER- Amy Toohey

Jessie Verino

Question - How long has Stefan been waiting for someone who could open the door?
Link for answer - http://www.jessieverino.com/thekey.html
Prize donated: A Samhain Publishing gift certificate.
WINNER- Jeanette

Sherrill Quinn

Question - Who is trying to kill Tessa Long?
Link for answer - http://sherrillquinn.com/wst_page4.html
Prize donated: A tote bag that reads: "When all the little girls wanted to be ballerinas, I wanted to be a vampire."
WINNER- Lori Tomlinson

Donna Grant

Question - What is the hero's name in Highland Mist
Link for answer - http://www.donnagrant.com/highlandmist
Prize donated: Choice of download of Highland Mist or Highland Nights.
WINNER- Tara Woods

Shelley Munro

Question - Who is exerting himself in the interview process?
Link for answer - http://www.shelleymunro.com - Read excerpt for No Holes
Prize donated: Download of No Holes Barred: Stranded.

Alexis Fleming

Question - In Emerald Ice, what is the name of the island Tia finds herself transported to?
Links for answer - http://www.alexisfleming.net or http://www.alexisfleming.net/emerald.html
Prize donated: Download of A Handyman's Best Tool.
WINNER- Ayreann

Ashley Ladd

Question - What book is the prequel to American Beauty?
Link for answer - http://www.ashleyladd.com/Purrfect%20Justice%20excerpt.htm
Prize donated: An electronic book of American Beauty.
WINNER- Deb Frischkorn

Adrienne Kama

Question - What is Ambrosia Kennedy's profession
Links for answer - http://www.adriennekama.com/books.html or http://www.adriennekama.com
Prize donated: PDF of Wicked Delights.
WINNER- Kim Westgaard

Mary Winter

Question - Which Ellora's Cave book received 4.5 blue ribbons from Romance Junkies?
Link for answer - http://www.marywinter.com/
Prize donated: Download of Water Lust.
WINNER- Valerie Bongards

Kate Hill

Question - In Tamed by the Tiger from the Wicked Delights anthology, what type of paranormal creature is Sanjay?
Link for answer - http://www.kate-hill.com/eroticromance.html
Prize donated: A download of Wicked Delights.
WINNER- Cathie M

Kally Jo Surbeck

Question - What is the most recent contest FOR THE LOVE OF finalled in?
Link for answer - http://www.kallyjosurbeck.com/latestnews.htm
Prize donated: PDF download of Shades Of Doubt, Book I Luck Of The Irish.
WINNER- A Richard

Brenda Williamson

Question - What are the names of the five amorous authors?
Link for answer - http://brendawilliamson.com/
Prize donated: PDF copy of Sword of Rhoswen.
WINNER- Travkru1859

Melissa Schroeder

Questions - Three books from Melissa's Federation CTD series is included in the print Voices Carry.
What are the names of the three heroes and heroines?
Link for answer -http://www.authormelissaschroeder.com/voicescarryprint.html
Prize donated: Choice of my print books Operation Love or Voices Carry.
WINNER- Maureen

Tilly Greene

Question - What is the name of the book Tilly Greene has coming out in September 2006 with Samhain Publishing?
Link for answer - http://www.tillygreene.com/BOOKS.htm
Prize donated: $10 Victoria Secret gift card.

Myra Nour

Questions - Two parts to the question (both short & simple). What did the man Angela was attracted to do for a living?
And did he wish to be stuck in a cabin with her during a blizzard?
Links for answer – Part One: http://www.myranour.com/booksncp/tamewolf.html
Part Two: http://www.myranour.com/booksncp/tamewolf-chp1.html
Prize donated: HTML download of To Tame a Werewolf.
WINNER- DannyFireDragon

Tawny Taylor

Question - What are Tawny's four upcoming print releases?
Link for answer – http://www.tawnytaylor.com/UpcomingTitles.html
Prize donated: Winner's choice of a download of any of my available books.
WINNER- Karen Gray

Samantha Storm

Question - What is Rykers Second Rule?
Link for answer – http://www.samanthastorm.com/excerpts.html - See Eye of the storm Excerpt.
Prizes donated: A download of Eye of the Storm and a Samantha Storm coffee cup with some Kona Hawaiian Coffee.
WINNER- Tammy Garcia

Tyler Blackwood
Question - What terrible secret does Christopher Bartholomew discover about his future mate?
Link for answer - http://www.tylerblackwood.com/SeventhDragon.html
Prize donated: A $30 gift cert to Amazon.com
WINNER- Linda Perry
posted by Michelle Pillow @ 9:55 AM  

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  • At 5:53 PM, Blogger Nicole said…

    Congeats to the winners!

    Aw...I didn't win. *pout*

  • At 9:11 AM, Blogger Brenda Williamson said…

    Thanks for letting me give something away, Michelle. My favorite part of writing is sharing it.

    Congratulations to all the winners and expecially, the winner of my book, SWORD OF RHOSWEN!


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