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Friday, September 23, 2005
Supernatural VS Science
I think it's natural to want to rationalize the unnatural but it's a little sad when science can dispel superstitions as being just that--superstitions. Or like when the guys admitted to staging our dear friend Nessie. There had to be some mystery left in the world. We need mystery. At least I do. But, sometimes, the explanation isn't good enough or can be dispelled itself. The unexplained, remains just that--unexplained. Great, now my head is spinning.

Which do you prefer? The explained or unexplained? Which do you believe? Science or superstition? Is it possible that things like vampire exist? UFOS? Let me hear your thoughts on it.

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  • At 1:17 PM, Blogger Kelley said…

    Well seeing as how I'm of a scientific mind and my degree is in the sciences, i have to say that I do believe a lot of things can be rationalized as realties or superstition through science. BUT, I'm a dreamer at hear, and a romantic. I've had strange things happen around me that can't be explained before. Some things I prefer to beleive the fantasy, without rationalizing. UFOs for one. I don't know how much I believe about the "appearances" and such over the years. but i DO believe there is intelligent life out there somewhere. And I do believe there could very well be some who are light years ahead of us in what they are capable of doing and ido believe there could be some out tehre who have crossed galaxies. i also believe there could be some out there that WE are more advanced then. Space and the universe(s) are just too big for us to be the only intelligent life out there. And i beleive anyon who thinks we are the only intelligent life out tehre are the real ones living in a dream land.

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